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Atom E-Bike
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The Ultimate Commuting Tool

Looking for a practical, yet exciting way of moving around town for your everyday errands, leisure time, or simply picking up your kids from school or daycare? Tired of dealing with rush hour traffic every time you want to head out to your favorite activity - playing football with friends, surfing or going to the gym? The Atom electric scooter is a practical and environmentally safe alternative that covers all the bases of an innovative and smart solution! The Atom will impress with its robust structure, being built as a comfortable 2-seater scooter which provides ultra-smooth rides.

Embodying practicality and safety, this e-scooter ensures plenty of leg room for passengers and features a range of 30-35km per charge, that is without the range doubling battery you can purchase separately!

  • Optimal Stability

With a 3-wheel system which provides maximum balancing and enhanced stability, 14” aluminum alloy wheels plus a superior front and back hydraulic disk brake system, this folding scooter is ideal for carrying the little ones, pets, surfboard or groceries!

  • Longer and Smoother Rides

The ATOM foldable scooter features an ultra-powerful 48V lithium battery with longer driving autonomy, at the same time having a double battery option for doubling the range. With a charging time of only 4-6 hours and 1200 charges/discharges per battery, the ATOM is ideal for your everyday needs!

  • Comfortable 2-Seater Design

The Atom folding scooter is the first 3-wheel scooter on the market to enable a rear child seat or storage space as well as a front basket to carry your essentials, backpack, luggage or shopping bags. An excellent choice for everyday errands, picking up the kids from school or soccer practice, or simply when you’re in the mood for a fun ride!

  • Designed for Travelers

1 second-that is all the time you need to fold/unfold this premium scooter, which provides countless storage options and can easily fit in your car trunk. Lightweight and modern sporty design, the Atom is an excellent choice for running errands, commuting, visiting, or enjoying a relaxing experience with your loved ones!

  ** Seek information from the competent authorities of your country of residence to fully understand compliance with your country’s regulations.

 1-year full warranty, excluding pads / tires / brakes oil change.

supply time: immediately for pickup and up to 10 days by shipment and

5 days in Portugal.

Technical parts and phone support in the entire EU region.

Triple caliper
braking system



Product Specs


4-6 hours


48v10A / 48V20A


1000 charging cycles


Front and Rear Hydraulic disc brake


Rohs, LVD and CE


Aluminum alloy


48V 12A DC brushless


48V, Turbo brushless engine


30-35km per battery *In frame 2nd battery to double the range is optional




Aluminum alloy 14"