Legal Warranty



This document intends to describe the legal warranty terms provided by THE LAST MILE, LDA., with registered office at “Av. António Augusto Aguiar, 38 A, 1050-016 Lisboa, Portugal”, with a share capital of € 10,000.00 (ten thousand euros), registered under the number 515,496,448 (the “Last Mile”) to the consumer pursuant to the Decree-Law no. 67/2003 of April 8th (“DL 67/2003”).


  1. Warranty period

2 (two) years from the time of delivery of the scooter to the customer.

  1. Warranty coverage

The legal warranty covers the situations of lack of conformity of the scooter with the contract. The lack of conformity exists, among others, in situations of a malfunction defect of the scooter not caused, directly or indirectly, by improper or inappropriate use of the scooter. For more information on the lack of conformity legal definition, please refer to Article 2 of DL 67/2003.

  1. Rights of the consumer

In the event of a lack of conformity of the scooter in accordance with Article 2 of DL 67/2003, the consumer is entitled to have the scooter brought into conformity pursuant to Article 4 of DL 67/2003.

To have the scooter brought into conformity, the consumer may choose to require:

  • the repair of the scooter;
  • the replacement of the scooter;
  • a price reduction;
  • the termination of the contract.

The consumer can choose one of the solutions provided, with two limits:

  • the impossibility of the solution;
  • the request constitutes an abuse of rights.

In order to exercise his rights, the consumer must report the situation within two months of the date on which he found the lack of conformity.

  1. Complaint Process

In the event that it is necessary and legally possible to exercise his rights under the legal warranty, consumer should contact Last Mile at